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Products & Services Unique Communities, Competitive Communities

The Economic Vitality Group provides a complete range of economic development consulting services. Select one of the titles below for a sample of some of the ways we can help your community.

Program and Policy Development

Our strategic planning is unique because we specialize in integrating economic development into the community’s larger programs and vision.  While most consultants only analyze real estate or employment statistics, we thoroughly examine all your community’s strengths and challenges.  We then tailor our recommendations to your community’s unique personality.

  • Strategic Action Plans
  • Determine Community Assets and Challenges
  • Policy Analysis
  • Industry Sector and Cluster Analysis
  • Retail Analysis
  • Tourism Analysis
  • Development of Business Retention and Recruitment Programs
  • Development Project Assessment
Defining a Community Identity, Branding and Marketing

People make choices of whether to live, work, or visit a city.  If the city’s brand relates to them, they will choose the city.  The Economic Vitality Group specializes in articulating a community’s personality- what makes it distinct from its competition when all else is equal.  It can then be used to guide development and market your community.  Our Community Identity projects are long term programs that work with various stakeholders.

We also provide the following additional products related to marketing, promotions and branding:

  • Website Creation for Economic Development
  • Creation of a Visitor Marketing Plan
  • Designing Special Events to Increase Business Activity
  • Community Design and Planning
Data and Research
  • Demographics and Consumer Behavior
  • Market and Market Area Data
  • Identification of Target Markets and Industries
  • Community and Business Inventories/ Evaluations
  • Business and Residential Community Surveys
  • Demand Analysis
  • Market Niche and Competitive Advantage
Community Outreach
  • Community Forums and Organizational Management
  • Connecting Essential Stakeholders and Partners
  • Creating Associations to Promote Business Growth
  • Facilitating Workshops for local Businesses
  • Growing Business and Providing Outreach During Major Construction



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